Cereals and animal feed


The trade in cereals and fodder has formed the basis of our business since 1928. Since then our company has been active in this business segment without interruption.


Buckwheat, spelt, barley, oats, millet, canary seed, corn, rice, rye, sorghum, triticale, wheat

Oil seeds

Pumpkin seeds, flax, rapeseed, soya, sunflower seeds


Broad beans, beans, peas, lentils, lupines, sweet peas

Oil meals/cakes

Flax, rapeseed, soya, sunflowers


Peas, potatoes, corn, rice, tapioca, wheat

Animal products

Fish meal, meat meal, herring meal 999


Pea protein, yeasts, potato protein, corn gluten meal, wheat gluten


Amino acids, oyster shells, citrus pellets, dextrose, encapsulated acids, distiller’s grains, grass pellets, urea, locust beans, cocoa shells, lime, clay pellets, Lucerne pellets, magnesium oxide, maize plant pellets, mussel shells, breadcrumbs, phosphates, compression aids, quartz sand, dry fats, veterinary cod liver oil

We can offer you almost all these products in both fodder and food quality.

You will find our current range of organic products here: